We have been providing emergency and preventative event medical services to the Cascade Lakes Relay for four years. As this event has grown, race directors Scott and Carrie Douglass have kept up the search for ways to continuously improve the quality of care available for their runners. Working together, we brainstormed the idea and were able to negotiate a contract with AirLink Critical Care Transport to provide event coverage – the first of its kind. All Runners are now covered in case of a major medical emergency requiring transport; a huge benefit to all.  In rural areas ground transportation may not be available or appropriate and a helicopter flight may be required.  With this cooperative program we were able to station aircraft on the racecourse and if needed provide flights to the nearest hospital at no additional cost to participants.  Airlink is a great community minded partner and this was a win-win-win.

Providing medical care for 3000 participants over 216 miles of racecourse is a challenge.  We stage resources and constantly monitor the progress of the race to keep our response times to a minimum with the goal that every racer gets to the finish line beer garden.  This year we’ll be adding satellite communications to our toolbox courtesy of Globalstar.  With several places on the course without cell phone reception we required another solution to contact our partner agencies who provide transport and backup.

If you would like assistance in building your emergency services plan, please do not hesitate to contact us.