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Crackerjack is a unique team with a passion for the outdoors coupled with top notch skills in mountaineering, rigging, remote field medicine, caving, and complex mission logistics.  Our team can supplement your skills or provide complete turn-key operations.  We’re ready to help with:

  • High Altitude operations 
  • Mountain travel and safety
  • Standby rescue services
  • Caving support
  • Safety plans
  • Communications – land mobile radio and satellite
  • Expedition power systems
  • Tents and shelters
  • Stoves and food


Whether you’re going 15,000ft into the mountains or 500ft below the surface we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to get you there and keep you safe.  We’ve helped remote film crews, mountaineers, exploration cavers, volcanologists, glaciologists, and extreme athletes.