Crackerjack First Response Specialists was founded in 2013 to accomplish two objectives:

Build an emergency medical services solution outside the traditional model that is capable of supporting events, races and expeditions in remote locations or beyond existing service areas.

Build an infrastructure to support world class training using the talent we knew we already had on staff.

We believe we have accomplished these goals.

Our EMS solution provides quality, professional front line medical care and bridges the gap to existing transport and treatment ambulance services. Our core staff, all members of volunteer agencies, is well versed in the challenges of this gap and have years of experience scrambling to meet this demand using volunteer resources. Our professional, registered and insured full EMS response capability provides a sustainable solution to this challenge.

Our training services, which we had been providing for friends and partner agencies, now sit on a professional infrastructure, and we are experiencing tremendous growth. We are training across the country, and we are building partnerships to provide leading edge instruction on the latest search and rescue, rope rescue, and tactical operations techniques. We are continuing to develop our classes and training talent to deliver world class first response training.

We have also discovered a love and talent for providing support services for expeditions into some of the most inaccessible wild places on the continent. The combination of our medical, rescue and logistics capabilities have proven to be invaluable to expedition leaders, and we welcome the opportunity to work on expeditions both locally and internationally.

As we move forward, we will remain dedicated to providing cutting edge training and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing agencies and managers involved in the front lines. Our mission has been, and will always be, to raise the standard of first response. We invite you to engage with us to learn more about how we can assist you in addressing your particular challenges.